Still undecided? We offer an array of amenities — for free!

Free Move-in Truck

We’ll provide you with free use of one of our U-Haul trucks with any rental of a 5×10 or larger storage unit (subject to mileage and gas charges).  All trucks have automatic transmissions, air conditioning, low decks and built-in ramps for easier loading.

Free High-Security Lock

Each unit comes with a free high-security cylinder lock for your use.  Unlike conventional padlocks or disc locks, these locks are designed to prevent unauthorized removal with bolt cutters or saws.

Free Gift

You’ll get a free gift just for visiting our facility and meeting our staff  — what’s not to like about that?


Refer a Friend

If you refer a friend who rents, we will give you $50 cash! Now that’s easy money.

You don’t even have to be a customer to participate. Just fill out our referral card and we will give you $50 for sending a new customer our way.


  • · the free use of one of our U-Haul trucks with any rental of a storage unit of 5×10 or larger, subject to mileage and gas charges. These trucks have built-in ramps for more effortless loading, automatic transmission, and air conditioning.
  • a free high-security lock for the rented storage upon move-in.
  • a free gift for touring our facility