Heated Units Matter

When choosing a storage facility, you want to ensure your possessions are secure but also protected against damage from the environment.

The cold temperatures of the Pacific Northwest nurture the growth of mold and mildew. This can be remedied with warm air circulation as well as temperature and humidity control.

Many self storage facilities claim to be “climate controlled” or “heated.” However, they only heat their facilities to around 45 degrees — just enough to freeze-protect fire lines but, unfortunately, not enough to discourage mold and mildew.

We heat our entire building up to 60 degrees and circulate the air, using energy-efficient forced-air furnaces to create storage spaces where mold and mildew will not flourish — and where our customers will be comfortable when they’re on the premises.


  • · the free use of one of our U-Haul trucks with any rental of a storage unit of 5×10 or larger, subject to mileage and gas charges. These trucks have built-in ramps for more effortless loading, automatic transmission, and air conditioning.
  • a free high-security lock for the rented storage upon move-in.
  • a free gift for touring our facility